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Our next major priority is Health. Without our sound health, we cant grow. A sound mind rests in a sound body. Today treatment regimens are going more and more costly. Resources are very low. Now Specialists and Corporate Medical Technology has changed the therapy.

Here is also the same situation as Education System. Our Middle class sadharmiks cannot afford the cost of treatment in this corporate medical stream. Even a regular fever or cold costs for 5/10 days income of our family. Most of our public hospitals have huge donations from our community. But not a single hospital is built totally for Jains Treatment. Though there are eventually Jain medical camps and all, but one cannot rely on this for yearly prophylaxis or random diseased periods. Adding to it, there is no provision for lower rate or reserved beds for Jains.

Our Sadharmiks are suffering from all sides. Its like Jain Trustees have humanity reserved for lower socioeconomic groups but when it comes to their brothers  Who cares??

We need to build our own hospitals in mega/metro cities. We need to provide a best treatment at lower rate or free of cost on case to case basis to our sadharmiks. Hospitals should be with all other relative facilities like testing/checkup, diagnosis, drugs etc. These hospitals should be linked with the medical colleges. This will serve triple benefit, Employment-Education-and-Health. Jain docs are in majority in health sector. They do organize Medical camps, Jain students participating in it. And it all seems good. But actually, very less number of people get benefit of it. Really, Why?  Because, one does not advertise his/her altruistic activities.

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