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In older days, Trade was our main source. But now times have changed. Profession and service-jobs are primary priority of Jain youth because the development of trade needs much devotion and it snatches off the social life, which one dreams about. A more than 60% Jains are engaged in Services

Roti, Kapda aur Makan, these are elementary things for our survival on planet. Small business is out-of-date because corporate culture has abolished this stream. Its like Big fishes consuming small ones.

The main resource of our materialistic existence is to earn money from genuine sources. Here we want to clarify the term ’employment’ as the sources of income. It may be a Job or Business proliferation or Professional help or advices or else.

There are so many major industries, many business-houses, and many commerce projects, leaded by Jains. Jains are Aces in Commercial and infrastructure sectors of India. We are < 2-5% of world’s Population. It’s a matter of pride that Jains’ share 15% income of World’s income. Relatively, this is largest than any other community. And this should be highlighted that these Jains constitute only 20-25% of Total Jains.

If these Jains desire to uplift/help our Sadharmiks, it would be a great miracle for Jain community in the world. Its not a pitiable help-demand, its just help as an expert, as a teacher, as a guide. Not a financial one but giving Opportunities and Hopes. If these jains prefer to placate only 20% of their vacancies to Jain youth, then it would be a fantastic solution to Roti-Kapda-Makan requirements of whole-yes!- 100%{!!} Jain community.

We have to say only one thing to our 20% Elite Jains, if you are Jain, believe in Jainism and Respect Shri Mahavir than it is your prime duty to make your Sadharmik as like yourself. Give them opportunity and see the result. You will also get faithful and trustable employees.

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