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Our education ratio is higher than other communities. About 96% literacy as per Indian surveys, yes, greater than any other. It is because of awareness. We have majority Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants and other Highly Educated youth, compared to other communities. This is a matter of proud for us.

But now a days scenario has changed. {Off-track  Just go to any reading-rooms in Gujarat, and you will see half youth having Kesar tilak on their foreheads!} Due to reservations and high cost of education from KG to PG, we are facing many problems. As our majority is from Middle and Lower Middle Class, we cannot afford the cost. We are neither in minority nor in SEBC. Even though a student gets 90% to 93% of marks in Higher Secondary he/she cannot get admission in a reputed college in his/her choice of stream.

There are more than 2000 educational institutions are managed and donated with help of jains, but not a single of them is only for our community. Even though they are not providing priority to Jains, there fee structure is also high. We need to build schools in each Tehsils, where our population is remarkable. We need to build Engineering/Professional Courses colleges in each district and Medical Colleges in Mega/Metro cities. We need to provide loans instead of scholarship at lower rate of interest to these students. We should also provide hostel facilities to the student who comes from outside, jain food being extinct in remote places.

Now it is also need to provide facility for studying in abroad. We have well established Sadharmik in aborad.They have done very well for our communities. We request them to provide guidence to our students who want to study abroad for higher education. They should be given loan and acomodation facilities. The main problem is of acomodation. As like here we request our abroad settled sadharmiks to establish boardings for our students. To provide jobs when they are studying. Students can be guided properly with them for any type of requirement.

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