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All the three major subjects covered before have a common source  Money. From where this comes  Banks

Our Derasars, Upashrayas and other charitable institutions like panjrapoles have a huge funds invested in Banks. Banks give this money to any industries/business engaged in fisheries, slattern house, poultry farms, Non-veg hotels etc.

Why not construct a Jain Bank?. Even our personal savings or business should be routed through this bank. We think this fund is more than total budget of a small state whose population is between 20 to 25 lacs (Our Population in the world).

We can give interest to these deposits at the same or higher rate than other Bank. These funds should be utilized for the above discussed subject by way of loan. If needy students/persons will helped with this fund by loan, he will in future ever remember this and will also donate more to this funds. We can also provide employment to our community via Banks.

We are investing our above funds in Co-operative and Private Banks for higher interest,but sometimes these banks are leaded by mismanagement. In recent past our funds were effected worst with these banks.

With our own Bank, we can change our community’s future. It will serve so many purposes, business, home,employment, education, health and all.

It is my apeal to our Professionals specially C.A. and Industrialists to do something for constructing our own Bank.

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