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* see the misfortune of the jains * today when our thousands of brothers and sisters, whose economic situation is not perfect and on the other side, our jain institutions and win institutions have been spent in the competition of becoming crores of rupees and photographed. Are going, which has no special use in the coming time, especially the following sectional persons who do not get any government reservation or any special help, and so and the ration card or no government social welfare.

The Rich brother of our society, this is the money if you spend the money of jain brothers and the condition of epidemic, it will be very beautiful and the government who will be served. * this is a way to Rob the food that is competing in big cities. *
In Bangalore Bombay, many institutions are distributing thousands of food packets, which are being thrown in such a way. 50000 Packets in the area without need are given in a metropolis and nearby are controversial, and ridiculous. * win jeeto * many packets of the streets got to be found in a video like found on the streets.

As * Acharya Vimal Sagar ji * said that the economic situation of 2500 jain families can improve in Rs 25 crore. According to a fat, if all jain institutions have donated * 500 crores, then they could have raised 50000 jain families

  • but unfortunately, the contractor of our society is more powerful than these money, to get photographed and to be adultery in foreign countries
  • Government has millions of crores, it can take care of all and keep it. Just recently, the government has given almost 32000 CRORES OF DIWALI BONUS AND ONLY 1 % of the people in the da * which one pocket Money is like that. So the government for the rest of 99 % people, think how much can you spend? * if the government wants, it can spend 10 times more money, but who will help our proud jain poor families, when our brothers will not do it *?

That’s why we have special request to all jain society, first you should help your brothers and sisters. Do not remain in this wrong phƒÅhamƒ´ that all jain is rich. Perhaps you will know that jain religion is in every province and in every caste and language people * Like Marathi jain, Tamil jain, Bengali vanished jain, Kannada jain, Malayali jain *, whose economic situation is worse than bad which conversion It is forced to be still today and history is also a witness. And so and Rajasthani and Gujarati jain families who are in thousands whose situation is worse. If you count the lives of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, the situation is very pathetic. These poor people can’t even get any government reservation and facility.

  • our duty is to help the weak jain families from the first economic situation
  • our guru bhagwant is also saying that the wrong given donation is going to the wrong place, the donation is just on our feet, on our future, and the axe on our existence * because recently seen that the locals come to kill the lives . Because we are very proud of our money, they are doing the loss of all the society on their own earth to become bhamashah with money earned on their earth. You will earn the name and the whole society will lose its own.

* our attention should only be towards jain brothers that can protect jain religion, may our future generation upbringing be good. But we will definitely become bhamashah but our children will go to Christian schools *, no matter what happens. Our society goes to hell.

  • wake up, wake up, wake up the contractors of the society, first help your brothers, if you are more later then you can be donated in the whole world *

We believe that something will change. Remember 500 crore rupees 50000 jain families can be lifted up. So why not we think about this.

  • one special thing-the trustee of jain religion says that the money of the temple is only God who does not seem to be in social work but has been seen that many temples have given a lot of lakhs of rupees in relief which is not spent on the religion of God, the religion Has been. So why not on the low class of jain society
  • I request you – the traders of jain temples, traders and traders of win, why are you misleading the society and endangering the existence of jain society? Just for your respect, pride and ostentation, for the title of bhamashah and also *?
  • new thinking new direction, jain religion always *

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