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This site is developed 10 years ago to discuss the development of jain sadharmik bandhus. Difficulties we are facing. How to solve the problems of our Sadhrmiks. What is our strength and weakness at the social, national and international stage.

When I was of 10th year in my city a woman of 25 years suicide with her 2 children. I was shocked. The reason in her suicide note was as under.

“I am jain. My husband was small shopkeeper. He was in jail since last 10 days with charge of stealing. However, he is innocent. We are poor and I can not give food to my children. I visited famous jain trustees and pedhi etc. No body help me. I have requested for food for my children but I am helpless. “

That time I have decided to do something for our poor Sadharmik bandhus for their survival and Middle Cast Sadharmik Bandhus for their upliftment.

I request all jains to give their valuable time to this site for their suggestions and support.  I don’t  want money. Please share this site with all your jain friends and groups on social media and other public contacts.

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