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We have seen so many sites where you can get knowledge about Jainism, our principles, our Tirthankars and almost all about Jainism. However, we feel that we have not seen even a single web-site which is absolutely for Jain Sadharmik, his problems and his thinking. This is our little effort to give a platform to all Jains irrespective of any sect. We are followers of Shri Mahavirji. Our principles are Ahimsa and Karuna. We are hardly 20-30 lacs in the world. Only 5% of these are well established. Most of the Jain Sadharmiks are facing trouble for survival. No reservations are available for them in India. Those who are abroad are well established. In India the position of Jains is like Trishanku. They can’t beg. We sound much for Jainism but not for Jain Sadharmik. We are divided in 4 main sects and so many sub-sects. Now it is time for SURVIVAL. Jainism comes from Jain Sadharmik. If there is no Jain Sadharmik, no more Jainism exists. Here we appeal to give work to Jain Sadharmiks. Help them for upliftment. Help there children for Higher Education and for job. Average Jain sadharmik is now loosing his faith from Jain shashan.

Who are responsible for this? Huge Dehrasars and Upashrays are built up but who will go there ? There is a competition in sadhu mahatmas for this activity.

Now it is a time of our Survival. Jain Bandhuo Jago. Tamara Sadharmik bandhuo ne bachavo.

We may be wrong somewhere. We don’t want to criticize any individual or our faith. However, we don’t say that nothing has been done. But still many things remain to polish. Our only aim is to make all our Sadharmik strong. They have real faith in Jainism. We all are separate by sects and place but we share the same faith, same heart and that binds us together. We request all of you to suggest this site to your friends and all Jain platforms. Give as many links as possible. We alone can’t do this without your support.

We have stated here in general about our major problems. However this is an illustrative list not exclusive. There are so many other problems – social and individual.

Here are the main sections – Development & Discussion. All visitors are requested to post their valuable suggestions and views in respective categories. Please contribute your invaluable time. Please also visit this site regularly and spread the word amongst jain individuals.

Consider this website as your own portal and a platform to provide versatile help to our brothers’ enlistment.

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